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Most of the O-ring seal fractures occur on the surfacing seal ring. The O-ring seal is a surface rubber seal ring with a circular cross section. It is a seal widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing systems. But when the O-ring breaks, do you know how to repair it? Next, the professional seal manufacturer Hange will explain the repair method after the O-ring breaks.

Causes of O-ring seal ring rupture

When the material of the sealing ring is brittle, but it does not strictly follow the welding specifications and heat treatment, it is easy to produce stress cracks. Or the material is not selected properly, and the structural design does not conform to the temperature and pressure of the system. During use, the sealing surface is also prone to cracks such as hydrogen embrittlement.

Repair method after O-ring break

First of all, we must carefully remove the cracks, even if there is a crack, it should be clear and clean, until the body is shiny and free of defects. Remove excess dust material, use a plastic electrode to make a primer, and then trim and pile up to defend. If the surfacing crack tends to be large, the bottom layer of the surfacing welding adopts a transition layer with good plasticity to prevent the surface layer from cracking.

In welding, short arcs should be used as much as possible to reduce the area affected by heat and prevent deformation of the sealing surface (sealing ring). Pre-heating is required before surfacing welding, and the insulation is slowly cooled after welding, preventing excessive wind during protection, and protecting the sealing surface of welding. After slow cooling, it is processed again.

Precautions for O-ring break repair

Professional welding tools must be used for the maintenance of the sealing ring stack, and the effect will be better. Ammonia is a protective gas that is not absorbed by the metal and the welding wire, and the alloy in the metal and the welding wire is not burned. The heat-affected zone is small, which does not cause slag and pores in the surfacing layer, and the deformation is small.

Maintain a large or vertical angle between the welding tip and the sealing surface, so that the solution is always placed under the protection of gram gas, the welding gun must swing, and the wire feeding should be uniform. At the end of the overlay welding, the welding wire should be added slightly. Slowly pull it apart, and the guns are raised at the same time. After the molten pool is slightly cold, stop the air supply to complete the repair.

The above is the O-ring break repair method provided by Hange for you. Have you learned it? Hange has many years of experience in the production and processing of seals, professional equipment, professional processing personnel, the production of rubber parts and silicone parts are of good quality and cheap price, and can be produced according to customer requirements or produced by drawings. Welcome to consult us for more seals information.

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