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Mechanical seals are one of the basic mechanical components with precise and complicated structure, and are the key components of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment. Therefore, the products are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises in the petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, metallurgy, paper, food, medicine and military defense technology and other fields. The common mechanical seals are spring seals, elastomer bellow seals, etc.


Mechanical seals are mainly used for rotating equipment. In addition to electric motors, rotary pumps of various designs are the most widely used equipment in the industry. Therefore, pump seals must be required. Other rotating equipment that needs to be sealed include mixers (top, side and bottom feed inlets), compressors and all other industrial power rotating equipment. Obviously, the market is very large.


Where there is industry, production or service, there is a power rotating machine. Where there is a power rotating machine, a mechanical seal is required. The sales market of mechanical seals can be simply divided into two parts:


A. O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer): It refers to manufacturers of rotating equipment that require sealed parts.


B. Final customers: It refers to manufacturers that installs rotating equipment.


The both markets are the sales targets of all mechanical seal manufacturers. The mechanical seal market has some special characteristics that make it particularly attractive.


1. Strong resistance to market shocks. 

Because mechanical seals are used in almost all industrial fields, even if one or some areas are economically sluggish, other industries with less impact can still provide a huge market.


2. Affected by climate. 

It may not be very obvious. Rotating equipment, except for special designs, are not suitable for cold climates. Cold weather may cause equipment failure, which often requires replacing the original mechanical seal.


3. Easy replacement and good after-sales.

Even if the product performance is reliable, the selection and installation are correct, there is no guarantee that any mechanical seal can be used forever. At the same time, if there is a problem with other parts of the equipment, such as loose impeller screw, damaged bearing, etc., will also damage the mechanical seal. In fact, many examples of mechanical seal failures also show that there are more than one main problem, and in many times, there will be some symptoms before huge losses occur. Some giants claim that when the sealing life is over, the value of spare parts used will be 6 times the original value. Recently, because some durable materials are easier to obtain, especially silicon carbide, this factor has been greatly reduced, but it must still be 4 times or higher.


4. Market demand is still increasing. 

The world has become more industrialized. The modern industrial development requires more reliable and efficient sealing products, the main reasons can be summarized as high efficiency, health and safety. And these advantages need more effective and perfect sealing device. Glandless pumps and magnetically driven pumps will inevitably have a certain impact on the overall market for shrinking seals, but the price of these pumps is very high, there are also operating conditions limitation, and the maintenance costs are also very high. Although the impact exists, it is very limited. So the overall sales situation of mechanical seals is still a rising state.


5. Not a very common product. 

There are many common products in the industrial sealing market, such as compression gland packing, stuffing boxes, gaskets and "O" rings. The same product can be get from many different manufacturers. This is not the case with mechanical seals. Of course, there are similar or international standard products, but various designs and models give different advantages. This is more clearly manifested in today's increasingly complex working conditions.


6. The biggest competitor of mechanical seals is still the compression gland packing.

Although its competitiveness is not as good as before. A large part of the machines currently use compression packing seals, that is just because they are provided by O.E.M.



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