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Sealing gasket is a kind of sealing parts that are used in machinery, equipment and pipelines involving fluids. The sealing gasket is made of metal or non-metal plate-like material, and is made by cutting, punching or cutting processes. It is used for the sealing connection between the pipes, the sealing connection between the machine parts and the machine parts. According to the material, it can be divided into metal gaskets and non-metal gaskets. Below we specifically analyze the classification of gaskets .

Classification of gaskets

Cotton rubber sheet gasket

Asbestos rubber gaskets are made of asbestos fibers and rubber as the main raw materials, supplemented by rubber compounding agents and fillers, and are made through mixing and stirring, hot roller molding, vulcanization and other processes. Asbestos rubber gaskets can be divided into ordinary asbestos rubber gaskets and oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets according to their formulas, process performances and uses.

According to different temperature and pressure, it can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber gasket , medium pressure asbestos rubber gasket and high pressure asbestos rubber gasket. It is suitable for sealing water, water vapor, oil, solvent, medium acid and alkali. Asbestos gaskets is mainly used in sealing of medium and low pressure flange connection.

Rubber gasket

Oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets are made of high-quality asbestos fibers, oil-resistant fibers, fillers, colorants, etc. It is widely used in pipelines and equipment in the petroleum and chemical industries, and the corresponding grade models can be selected according to working conditions. Oil-resistant asbestos gaskets are mainly used for sealing of steam, hydraulic, gas, oil solvents and non-aggressive media.

Cylinder gasket

Cylinder gaskets are made of high-quality asbestos fibers, oil-resistant fibers, fillers, colorants, etc., and are widely used in automobile and motorcycle engine cylinders. The corresponding grade models can be selected according to the working conditions.

Aramid gasket

Aramid gasket steam, organic solvent, acid, alkali, etc., it is widely used for sealing of pumps, valves, pipelines and containers on fluid transportation equipment.  Aramid gasket is a sealing product made by compounding aramid fiber with high strength and high abrasion as the main material and special material with good lubricity. This sealing product has excellent lubricity and wear resistance. It can display its outstanding characteristics on the liquid device of solid-liquid phase mixing.

Rubber rubber gasket

Rubber rubber gaskets are widely used in the defense industry and civil industry. They are characterized by high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, natural aging resistance, vacuum resistance, fuel oil resistance, lubricant oil resistance, strong oxidant resistance, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation performance.

Non-asbestos sheet gasket

Non-asbestos gasket is a sealing material formed by calendering organic fibers such as aramid and plant fibers with nitrile rubber and inorganic minerals at high temperature. As there are few asbestos fibers, it is suitable for asbestos-free gasket replacement product. Non-asbestos gaskets have both high strength and good resilience, as well as super impermeability. They are good environmental protection materials to replace asbestos gaskets under high temperature and pressure.

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