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Mechanical seal is a kind of component widely used in industrial equipment, such as centrifugal pump, centrifuge, reactor and compressor. In addition to mechanical seal, spring seal, pump seal, non contacting mechanical seal, gland packing, elastomer bellows seal are also commonly used in industry. Mechanical seal is the most widely used shaft seal in the world because of its good sealing performance and long service life. The development of mechanical seal has a history of more than 100 years. The following content introduces the detailed development history of mechanical seal.



Development of Mechanical Seal

In 1885, Britain became the first country to obtain a patent for mechanical seal.


In 1900, mechanical seals began to be used for bearing seals.


In 1908, the seal of a car engine with multiple mechanical seals has been invented.


In 1919, single end sealing technology began to develop.


In 1920, mechanical seal began to enter the ordinary family, and the seal of small household refrigeration compressor and automobile water pump began to be widely used. This kind of seal is a kind of mechanical seal formed by single and double face seal in structure.


In 1930, the special seal for internal combustion engine water pump appeared. This makes great progress in sealing technology in machining and sealing materials.


In 1940, the sealing problem of light hydrocarbon pump was solved.


In 1945, balanced mechanical seal and high-pressure high-speed mechanical seal appeared. The appearance of this kind of seal meets the needs of the development of petroleum and chemical industry. In addition, the discovery of new materials such as graphite, ceramics, cemented carbide and so on has also made the sealing technology developed.


In 1957, SEALOL seal company was the first company to invent the high temperature resistant seal technology of metal bellows mechanical seal. The appearance of high temperature resistant sealing technology meets the needs of aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sealing technology.


In 1960, thermohydrodynamic wedge mechanical seal appeared, which met the needs of the atomic energy industry. At the same time, hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and thermal hydrodynamic mechanical seals also appeared in this period.


From 1963 to 1969, hydrostatic mechanical seal and hydrodynamic mechanical seal were applied in industry.


In 1974, new sealing surface materials, such as silicon carbide and high-quality carbon graphite, were discovered. These materials enable mechanical seals to meet the special requirements of aerospace industry and nuclear power industry. At the same time, multi-stage sealing technology appears.


In 1977, combined mechanical seal and spiral groove gas seal were applied in industry. Due to the special needs of aerospace industry and nuclear power industry, spiral mechanical seal, floating ring mechanical seal and spiral groove seal appear.


In 1985, the technology of seal face deformation coordination began to develop rapidly. The sealing technology of zero leakage and zero escape of process fluid has also begun to develop.


In 2000, non contacting mechanical seal began to develop. Laser processing, surface modification technology, computer technology began to promote the development of sealing technology, and changed the design concept of sealing technology.


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