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Mechanical seal is a kind of precise and complex mechanical basic component, which is the key component of various pumps, polymerizers, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment. Common seals in the industrial field include spring seals, gland packings, elastomer bellow seals, pump seals, non contacting mechanical seals, etc. These seals have a wide range of applications, the following content mainly introduces the application of mechanical seals.



Main Use of Mechanical Seal

1. Metallurgical industry

The main work of metallurgical industry is to transform iron ore or scrap into steel products. It has special requirements for seal. In the smelting process, the metal ore needs to be melted in high temperature, so the seal used in blast furnace and other equipment is required to withstand very high temperature. In order to produce different steel products, the hydraulic system used in the process of processing must be able to withstand high pressure, so its seal also needs to be able to withstand high pressure.


2. Petrochemical, oil and natural gas industries

No other industries in the world can put forward such diverse, strict and even harsh requirements for seal as petrochemical, oil and natural gas industries. In petrochemical, oil and natural gas industries, the media of pipeline transportation is mostly a variety of corrosive liquids and gases, such as aromatics, antirust agents, acid gas, sea water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. These media often have the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure when mixed together, so the seal used is required to have excellent quality and good chemical performance, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.


3. Coal industry

Due to the high requirements for personal safety in the coal industry, the seals used in the current coal industry are often high-quality products. Most of the pipelines in the coal industry run at room temperature, the medium transported by the pipeline contains a large number of particles, which will wear off the seals. Therefore, the coal industry has high requirements on the hardness, elasticity and toughness of the seals.


4. Electric power industry

The electric power industry plays an important role in the development of the country and people's life. Serious leakage of the main water pump in the hydropower plant will cause the hydropower plant to stop working, and the leakage of the steam turbine will cause the unit to stop working, causing serious losses. In addition, other important parts of the power plant need high-quality seal products to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, users attach great importance to the quality of seal products, and the sales market of high-quality seal products is very large.



Market of Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal is mainly used for rotating equipment. In addition to the motor, a variety of rotary pump is one of the most widely used equipment in the industrial field. The pump must be sealed. Other rotating equipment that need to be sealed include mixers, compressors and all other power rotating equipment in the industrial field. Obviously, the market of mechanical seal is very large.


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