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Many seal companies, especially older seal manufacturers, started career by producing compression packaging.


The AW Chesterton Company originated in the Boston Shipping Industry in 1884 (Azibert, 1999). Also in 1884, Feodor Burgmann Dichtungswerke began producing packaging in Germany. Both Crane Packing Company and Durametallic Company were established in 1917 (CraNews, 1997; Miller, 1992). FE Payne established the Crane Packing Company in Chicago, and then in 1923 the Crane Packing Company was established in Slough, England. Durametallic was established by CC Hall in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Packaging is the main product of all these companies. Crane and Durametallic specialize in metal packaging, and Burgmann specializes in braided compression packaging.


The manufacturers outlined below are generally considered to be "primary" manufacturers, but there are many other seal manufacturers. In addition, there are many local private repair shops, who usually also try to copy seals from major manufacturers. What’s more, cheap copies are sometimes available.



A. W. Chesterton Company

Chesterton & Company was founded by AW Chesterton on the Boston waterfront in 1884. Chesterton specializes in steamship supplies. Today, Chesterton has five business units: advanced reinforced composite materials, mechanical packaging, hydraulic seals, mechanical seals and technical products. For some time, Chesterton also has its own centrifugal pump production line.


In the early 1970s, Chesterton promoted sealing technology and its products at seminars across the United States, which caused a sensation. The three-day seminar gave Chesterton a good start in the sealing industry.


Byron Jackson / BorgWarner / BWIP

The Byron Jackson seals division was originally part of the Byron Jackson Company in Woodland, California, and was established in 1872. In 1956, it was acquired by Borg-Warner. In 1987, BW / IP was established through the management acquisition of Borg-Warner's Industrial Products subsidiaries. In 1997, BW / IP and Durco merged to form Flowserve.




Durametallic (now part of Flowserve, Inc.) evolved from the New Era Manufacturing Company that Henry E. White founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1900. By 1917, when Charles C. Hall became an investor and formed a company, the new era was struggling to survive. The main asset of the new era is the metal foil packaging patent issued to Henry P. White on 9/1/11. In early 1919, White resigned from the company and sold his stock. In 1921, New Era Manufacturing Company changed its name to New Era Metal Products Company. The new era metal filler is called Durametallic, and the company held a competition in 1923 to rename it. Durametallic Corporation was selected.




Flowserve Corporation was established in July 1997 by the merger of Durco International (formerly Duriron) and BW / IP, Inc. (formerly Borg-Warner). Flowserve is divided into three departments: rotating equipment department, flow control department and fluid sealing department. Flowserve also has its own service and maintenance department, which is mainly responsible for maintaining flow management equipment.


Flowserve also pursued the service market in other ways in 1998. Earlier this year, the company merged its two most service-oriented divisions — ServiceRepair and Fluid Sealing — into a new division called Flow Solutions. This new division will be the core of Flowserve's driving force to capture a larger market share.

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