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With pressure seal technology can cut off the channel of medium leakage with the use of appropriate seals and it can be mainly divided into mechanical seal and pump mechanical seal.

Also, there is another type of pressure seal technology. The pressure injectant sealing leakage includes the ways of direct caulking and caulking with copper wire and so on.

In the pressure seal technology, the use and purchase of products are of huge importance because that only the products in sealing is qualified and suitable, it can really have an effect. Therefore, it is the key step to take a purchase of proper [products. Taking the products of Haga as an example, they have a large variety of elements which can be used in the whole process of sealing. Thanks to the diversity and high quality of products, they can come into effect perfectly and efficiently and last for a long period of time.

The way of direct caulking is used in the case that the connection gap is less than 1mm and the pressure in the medium is relatively low, which mainly uses the tools of hammer sealant, wrench and so on.

Caulking with copper wire is mainly used when pressure is less than 3.5Mpa and the connection gap is less than 12mm, which makes use of copper wire, the sealant and so on. In this method we should firstly connect the joints and choose the copper wire to plug into the gap.

As for the application of the technology of pressure injectant sealing leakage, we can use it when the pressure is medium or low to stop the leakage of steam, acid, alkali or so in the valve and so on with the tools of injection agent, gun of injection agent.

For the possible leakage accidents in the oil industry, it is recommended to use the technology of pressure injectant sealing leakage to reduce the risk of leakage accidents.

When sealing, the supervision and management of personnel and tools should be strictly organized, which is convenient to analyze the causes of leakage and the characteristics of the leakage. With the supervision and division of labor and mutual coordination, we carry out the sealing in strict accordance with the procedures.

In the cases when cause of leakage is unknown or undetermined, when it is not easy to carry out the sealing with limited space or when obstacles can not be removed, we can use the the technology of pressure injectant sealing leakage.

As for the selection of sealing agent, it should be selected to be chemically stable and insoluble in the medium we use. Before filling the clamp, the fluidity of sealing agent should be enough to fill into all cracks. At the same time, the curing time should not be too long when the agent is plugged into the pipeline by strong pressure.

What is more, the resistance against high temperature should be good to keep in the working solid and stable under working temperature. Also, the sealing agent should have strength and elasticity, which can guarantee the good performance of sealing.

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